Overall objective

The objective of WP 3 concerns the formulation of adaptation scenarios of ‘Horticulture Safety Management Systems’ (HSMS) to tackle globalisation and climate change while maintaining food sovereignty, based on the diagnosis of current HSMS practices in fresh produce chains in European and global contexts. The HSMS performance profiles diagnosed in combination with the adaptation scenarios will serve as input for the description of Quality Assurance (QA) recommendations on EU and global level, related to control measures, criteria and process conditions and contributing to the actual discussion of tolerable levels and acceptable risk.


The diagnostic instrument (developed in WP 2) for measuring the performance of the actual horticultural safety management systems (HSMS) will be applied during visits to companies along the horticultural chain, i.e. farmers, traders and processors. In parallel samples will also be taken according to a pre-defined sampling scheme, the horticultural assessment scheme (developed in WP6). Feedback and coaching of HSMS performance results to individual EU/global participants is foreseen as a tool to improve their HSMS.
Based on the measured data with the HSMS-diagnostic instrument, bottlenecks in the food chain will be identified and the current HSMS can be adapted to the control of microbiological food safety hazards, pesticides and mycotoxins.
These bottlenecks will be further investigated and scenarios on how the performance of HSMS can be improved will be evaluated. Adaptation scenarios related to changes due to globalization and/or climate change will also be developed.
The results obtained from measurements with the HSMS-diagnostic instruments in farms/companies in Europe and outside Europe combined with the results of the Horticultural Assessment Scheme (see WP 6) will enable the definition and formulation of Quality Assurance recommendations. By implementing these quality assurance recommendations, the companies should be able to further improve the performance of their HSMS. Adoption of control measures related to the emerging issues identified in Veg-i-Trade will increase the safety of fresh produce and tackle food safety challenges for fresh produce related to globalized trade and influenced by climate change.
Workpackage 3 Full Title:
Development of adaptation scenarios on horticultural safety management systems (HSMS) in fresh produce chains in a European and global context leading to quality assurance recommendations.
Partners Involved:
> UGent (leader)
> WU
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