Overall Objectives

International collaboration, communication with all stakeholders and capacity building is an essential part of tackling the food safety challenges of fresh produce related to changing climate and globalization. A discussion forum on food safety culture, acceptable risk and international trade with respect of food sovereignty will be created. Furthermore the exploration of best practices for risk communication on safety of fresh produce to consumers and stakeholders is also one of the objectives of this work package. Via this WP the international visibility of Veg-i-Trade, its scientific results and partners will be maximised.


This work package focuses on dissemination, training and risk communication towards different stakeholders within EU and in third countries.
The dissemination of Veg-i-Trade results will focus on SMEs/Industry, governments, the scientific community and consumers. The main goal is literally “raising awareness and adherence”, starting from a broad base where as much as possible people are informed and ending at the highest level with compliance to risk based decision making and risk communication in the framework of science-based food policy. Dissemination activities are situated on different levels i.e. informing and networking, education, implementation by training and providing incentives for discussion and communication. Tools such as the Veg-i-Trade website, E-newsletters, scientific-popular publications, leaflets, brochures and E-learning platforms will be developed and used to promote the project.

The research expertise and experience within the Veg-i-Trade partnership will be applied to the training of new staff and visiting scientists, guaranteeing both the success of the project and strengthening the knowledge capacity of young scientists, from both European and associated and ICPC countries. ICPC countries will on certain occasions be specifically addressed in order to increase capacity building.
Public workshops, as well as dedicated training programs, such as summer schools organised in collaboration with other funding agencies (VLIR sponsored program www.itpfoodsafety.UGent.be) further encourages the integration of individual business or organisations and stakeholders.
Another task that will be elaborated within this WP is the exploitation, valorisation and management of new Intellectual Property (IP) of research results obtained within Veg-i-Trade.
It is foreseen that Veg-i-Trade will boost further research, in particular the acquisition of personal mandates for PhD students from non EU countries from various funding agencies, and will also serve as a contact point on food safety in the fresh supply chain for stakeholders, international organisations and food policy makers.
Workpackage 10 Full Title:
Dissemination, exploitation and training.
Partners Involved:
> UGent (WP leader)
> WU
> ufrgs
> UP