Welcome to the Visibility section of the Veg-i-Trade website. Here, you will be able to learn more about the public life of our Project: events, consortium meetings, training events and networks.

The Coimbatore Tapes
During the 5th Consortium Meeting of Veg-i-Trade which took place in Coimbatore, India in March 2013, we asked our project members to talk about their work and their achievements in the project. We also asked them about the impact they think Veg-i-Trade and their work is going to have on society.
The Veg-i-Trade consortium regularly meets to work together. In this section you will find the pages related to Veg-i-Trade Consortium Meetings. Information, document and schedules are stored here and can be found by clicking on the sub-menu below.
Here you will find information about Veg-i-Trade training events: schedules, venues, agenda and documentation.
Scientific Publications
Veg-i-Trade peer reviewed papers and prominent conference posters are listed here.
Poster Presentations
In this section you will find some of the poster presentations carried out by Veg-i-Trade partners.
Network and Links
Here you will find more information about the Veg-i-Trade networks and links.
Public Project Documents
The Veg-i-Trade Consortium produced some documents which are public ad available for download in this section of our website.
The Veg-i-Trade newsletter keeps you posted about the latest project news and useful facts.
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