Welcome to the Veg-i-Trade Closing Event: “Taking the Safety of Fresh produce to the Next Level” (Brussels, 11-12 June 2014)

The EU FP7 Veg-i-Trade project is running to an end. A 2-days closing event is organized in June in Brussels in collaboration with the Belgian Food Safety Agency and Fresh Trade Belgium to present the major outcomes of the Veg-i-Trade research.
On June 11th the expected impact of climate change on the safety of fresh produce is discussed including topics on bacterial pathogens, mycotoxins, pesticide residues and potential adaptation scenarios.
On June 12th risk factors impacting on the quality and safety of fresh produce are discussed, the output of risk assessment studies presented and some recommendations provided on quality assurance and control measures to take safety of fresh produce to the next level.
Apart from Veg-i-Trade speakers we are also happy to welcome some presentations from EFSA and the South Korean Climate-Food.net project.