Inagro organized theme day on Water in Agriculture and Horticulture

Inagro organised its annual theme day covering various uses and treatments of water in agriculture and horticulture. Different aspects were shown such as the possibilities of reuse of water, water treatment and the use of the watertool. The water tool is an on-line application that can be used by farmers to assist them in the choice of water treatment depending on the initial quality of the water and the type of application.

Furthermore demonstrations of water irrigation and drainage techniques were given. Also demonstrations in the laboratory were organized. The interest of the visitors in the activities of the Inagro laboratory and in particular how analyses on water and also soil are performed was high. Demonstrations of the different steps of microbiological analysis of water were shown such as filtration of large amounts of water to concentrate the pathogenic bacteria, incubation; isolation of the bacteria and confirmation. Visitors were impressed by the huge labor intensity these types of analyses require. The take home message was clear : ‘reliable microbiological results with these techniques cannot not be expected before 24 hours after receipt of the water sample !’
Despite the large rainfall the day before the theme day, demonstration of water irrigation devices was useful to the visitors, mainly farmers.