Welcome to the Veg-i-Trade Closing Event: “Taking the Safety of Fresh produce to the Next Level” (Brussels, 11-12 June 2014)

The EU FP7 Veg-i-Trade project is running to an end. A 2-days closing event is organized in June in Brussels in collaboration with the Belgian Food Safety Agency and Fresh Trade Belgium to present the major outcomes of the Veg-i-Trade research.
On June 11th the expected impact of climate change on the safety of fresh produce is discussed including topics on bacterial pathogens, mycotoxins, pesticide residues and potential adaptation scenarios.
On June 12th risk factors impacting on the quality and safety of fresh produce are discussed, the output of risk assessment studies presented and some recommendations provided on quality assurance and control measures to take safety of fresh produce to the next level.
Apart from Veg-i-Trade speakers we are also happy to welcome some presentations from EFSA and the South Korean Climate-Food.net project.

Veg-i-Trade organizes Mini-Symposium on Water Quality and Water Treatment in Brussels on April 24th

Water, both in pre- and post-harvest setting, is a potential source for microbial contamination of fresh produce. Various water sources and water treatment systems are in use in Europe. EU FP7 Veg-i-Trade partners at AUGent in Belgium, CEBAS-CSIC in Spain and NVI, NIVA in Norway have made considerable effort in comparing various water desinfection technologies. The mini-Symposium, in collaboration with FreshFel, will present the impact of water use and water quality on the safety and quality of fresh produce and discuss the various approaches for water management and water treatment based upon experience from the EU FP7 Veg-i-Trade project partners.

Upcoming Veg-i-Trade and related events

During the next months, several Veg-i-Trade partners will organise workshops for food companies (farmers – processors – traders) regarding the performance measurement of their Horticultural Safety Management System, using the diagnostic instrument developed by Wageningen University and Ghent University.

CSIC (Murcia, Spain) will organise a workshop for lettuce producers and processors on 17th of February 2012.

Between the 26th of February and the 2nd of March 2012, a tour around Norway is planned by NVI and WUR to visit five lettuce farmers and one processor.

A workshop is organised on the 8th of March 2012 in Lokeren (Belgium) for Belgian processors and traders. Later on, a specific workshop will be organised for farmers in Belgium.

Finally, a workshop will be held in Wageningen (The Netherlands) on the 16th of March 2012 by Veg-i-Trade partners WUR.

If you wish to test the performance of your HSMS or to organise a workshop in your region, please contact Veg-i-Trade training manager Lisbeth Jacxsens.

Veg-i-Trade Workshop on Norovirus contamination.

On the occasion of the 4th Consortium meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, Veg-i-Trade partners University of Belgrade and Ghent University will co-organise a Workshop for stakeholders of the raspberry supply chain, focused on Norovirus contamination.

It will be held on Tuesday, 27th of March 2012 at the IN Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia, and will cover i) sampling strategies and detection methods for Norovirus and
ii) “best practices” and performance measurement of food safety management systems in production and processing of raspberries.

This workshop is public and free of charge, however registration is required. It will be in English and intended for individual producers of raspberries, associations, distributors, exporters, regulatory agencies and all other parties interested by the problem of potential contamination of raspberries with Norovirus.

For more information please contact:
Prof. dr Andreja Rajkovic, University of Belgrade
Email: arajkovic@agrif.bg.ac.rs
Phone: +32485409917