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Kofitsyo S. Cudjoe
Head of the Section for Bacteriology -Food and GMO
Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Dr. Cudjoe has since 2002 been the Head of the Section for Bacteriology -Food and GMO at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, responsible for providing food safety, analytical laboratory and consultancy services to Ministry of Agriculture and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the general public.

The Section also coordinates the activities of the Secretariat for the Nordic Committee on Food Analysis (NMKL) the body responsible for elaborating, developing and collaboratively validating analytical methods for the food industry and official government laboratories.

Dr. Cudjoe pioneered the use of immunomagnetic separation (IMS) techniques in food microbiology when he worked as the Senior Research Scientist and Research Manager for then Dynal Biotech, a private biotechnology company from 1992 to 2002.

He has been responsible for the development of commercial analytical methods for the detection of disease causing E. coli serotypes of O157, O145, O111, O103, O26 as well as Salmonella and Listeria in food, water, environmental and clinical samples.

Dr. Cudjoe in his current role as the ethics manager of the EU-project, Veg-i-Trade has been in the fore-front of creating awareness among the scientific community on the plight of small-scale and peasant farmers who produce 60-70% of the world’s food supply by promoting debate on food sovereignty demands of third countries.