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Jessica Nanyunja
PhD student at Ghent University
Research Assistant at Makerere University

Jessica Nanyunja was born in Uganda and studied Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, receiving her degree from Kyambogo University in 2008. She enrolled for her MSc in Human Nutrition and Rural Development at Gent University in Belgium.

Since 2010, she is a PhD student at Gent University at the department of Food Safety and Food Quality conducting her research work under the framework of the Veg-i-Trade project. Her research title is “Food Safety Management Systems for the Fresh Produce Sector in the East African Community: Understanding the Challenges and Constraints”.

The overall objective of her study is to understand the dynamics of current food safety management systems implemented by the big and small-sized farms and export trade companies in the EAC fresh produce sector. She is a part time research assistant with the department of Food Science and Nutrition at Makerere University. With her established networks in both Kenya and Uganda fresh produce sectors, She is a consultant at Harmony Compliance Uganda, where she supports SMEs in quality management system implementation, product standards and certification. She is interested in music, movies and sight watching.