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Sigrid Van Boxstael
PhD, Free University of Brussels

Sigrid Van Boxstael graduated as a bio-engineer at the Faculty of Bio-engineer Sciences of Ghent University where she performed her Master thesis at the Department of Food Safety and Quality on the PCR detection of Escherichia coli in ground beef (1998).

She obtained a PhD at the Free University of Brussels with her study on structure and kinetics of the enzyme asparate transcarbamylase of the hyperthermophilic Archaeon Pyrococcus abyssi (2004).

After her PhD, she worked during eight years at the risk assessment department of the Belgian Food Safety Agency (2010). She is currently working at the Department of Food Safety and Quality of Ghent University on the FP7 project ‘Impact of globalization and climate change on the food safety of fresh produce’ where she focuses on the impact of standards in the fresh produce supply chain.